WordPress Plugin: List category posts

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One of my client sites that I consult for, CopperTalk (www.coppertalk.org), through Palmer Productions Group has a custom home page with top posts for various categories. I used the List category posts plugin, by Fernando Briano, to accomplish this task.

Soon after a request was made for displaying an excerpt of the latest post from one category as a headline news (Coppertalk News). The displayed content needed to include more than what the post excerpt option supports. Besides, the editors do not use the excerpt option anyway. This looked like a go with the List category posts plugin except for one thing. The plugin does not factor in the <!–more–> tag for cutting off the post on the teaser portion.  It was displaying the full post.

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Simple Do-It-Yourself SEO

March 17, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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It seems like spam is trending toward Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and “get your website on the first page of Google”. Although they are a nice break from the male enhancement or “buy this stock” spam, they are still annoying to receive. Why not save some money and do a few simple SEO updates yourself? This is particularly easy to do with WordPress.

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7 Steps to Better Blog Visitor Tracking

February 24, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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Tracking blog visitors can get confusing and drain hours of precious time from your day. Here are steps that will help you setup your blog, create posts and share links so that you can more accurately track visitors.

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5 Ways a Technology Consultant Can Save You Time and Money

Technology ConsultingYou decided to take a step of faith toward going on your own. Or, you’ve been appointed the unfamiliar task of creating a website for your company or non-profit. You have a great idea, product or service, but you feel intimidated by technical terms such as domain registration, web hosting, email campaigns and tweeting. How can you possibly learn all this and focus on your goal, stay on budget and launch on time?

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